timcastelijn.nl shows projects elaborated in the past and future plans. Everything related to design, programming, manufacturing and maybe more important; the area where these aspects overlap.
3D configurator Enduro [entry-title]
Loftwoningen Rotterdam [entry-title]
Fabfield Builder [entry-title]
wall unit [entry-title]
Dressoir d3 [entry-title]
Meeting table [entry-title]
Dressoir b+f [entry-title]
Dining table T2 [entry-title]
Front desk Argo [entry-title]
Wire Lamp [entry-title]
GRBL Laser cutter [entry-title]
Wire Commode [entry-title]
Dining Table T1 [entry-title]
Magazine stool [entry-title]
Sint nicolaaslyceeum [entry-title]
Dressoir TG de leeuw [entry-title]